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Fight On! and Magician’s Manse are Proud to Announce -
The Winners of the Fantasy Gaming Tables Contest!

(Entry Closed) - Congratulations to the winners!

We'd like to take a moment to thank Ian Burns, Tim Kask, Jeff Rients, S. John Ross, and Ignatius Umlaut for the time and effort they spent judging the entries!

Grand Prize:

The only table to earn two first place votes, this contestant also won an honorable mention. His honorable mention entry was accepted by Fight On! back around issue 8 and is still in the queue for publication, but it was this one that captured the minds of three of our judges and arrived on the top pedestal as our Grand Prize Winner. I'm hoping we can afford postage all the way to the Valley of Blue Snails, but regardless, please give a hearty cheer to

Feast, Samuel Kisko

as the ultimate winner of our tables contest!

Second Prize:

This impressive table took a first place vote along with two supporting votes and is just the ticket for your sandbox hexcrawl - excellent work!

Quick Hex Contents Generator, Al

Third Prize:

Third place, only one point behind second, goes to the rough but brilliant

One Page Monster Manual, Paolo Greco

Elite Honorable Mention:

These are all tables that got either a first place award from one judge or multiple awards from different judges, but didn't quite make the cut for the very top prizes. Gentlemen, you all win a complete run of Fight On! 1-12 in PDF, plus a PDF, epub, or kindle copy of Roll the Bones. Alternately, you can take a single print copy of any one of our current releases, or of Fight On #13 when it comes out instead.

This is really the creme de la creme, and any of these could have wound up with a prize with just one more judge falling in love with them. Superb work!

Ruins, Joe Wetzel
What's Happened To Those Dead Bodies You Left In The Dungeon Yesterday?, Roger S. G. Sorolla
Character Generation, Alex Schroeder and Adrian Shieh
Magical Research Results, Gavin Norman
Dwarves, Kesher
Exotic Traps, Mr. Reaper

Special Honorable Mention:

The prizes here are the same as above, but these two unique and massive multi-table sets bore special mention:

Rudingoz, Patrice Crespy
Swashbuckling Adventure Generator, Ralph Mazza

These were among the best table-sets received and ran to more than two dozen pages each. Both are very setting-specific, however, which probably cost them the highest prizes. We look forward to the games in which they appear - these table-sets are well-nigh campaigns unto themselves! Fight on, gentlemen!

Along with Rudingoz we wanted to single out

The Dungeon is Trying to Eat You! Best Of, Remix!, James A. Smith
What's in that Hole?, Matthew Schmeer
Drink Me, Eat Me, Mr. Reaper

as tables that got a 2nd place vote from one judge, but still didn't manage to break into the very top echelons of prizewinners. Excellent work all!

Honorable Mention:

These contestants all receive a free PDF of any issue of Fight On!, determined randomly out of the ones they don't have. If they have them all they can have a free kindle, epub, or PDF of Roll the Bones instead. If they have our entire product line to date I will put them on the list for a free PDF of Fight On! #13 when it is released! If you are on this list, send emails of what you have and don't have to [email protected], and he will set you up!

Planet Exploration Table, Chris Willrich
Magnificent Lagan, Jeff Wilcox
Exotic Intoxicants, Patrick Wetmore
100 Character Backgrounds, Anthony Westenberg
20 Random Alchemical Accidents, Buzz Tilford
Wandering Harlot Table, Adam Thornton
Defective Scroll Effects and Sewer Features and Hazards, Bill Staeven
Incidents and Events in Town, Joel Sparks
Random Bag of Holding Contents and Gladiators, Ricardo Signes
Broodings of the Barbarian, Jason Sholtis
30 Close Combat Concentration Breakers, Matthew Schmeer
Battle Scars and Sequelae, Igor Vinicius Sartorato
How to Make a Random Table, Scott W. Roberts
50 Things That Might Be Found In A Dungeon Town Curio Shop, and Vile Poisons, and 50 Things Found In A Fantasy Villain's Lair, Richard Rittenhouse
Who Is That Drunkard?, and What the Prostitute Knows, Jim Richmond
Random Bar Encounters, Lawson Reilly
Random Cause of Death, Mr. Reaper
Exploring the Crags, Marc Pavone
100 Random Starting Items for Beginning Characters, and 100 Odd, Level-Inappropriate, and Random Treasure Items, Gene Palmer
30 Sprite Curses, Mike Monaco
20 Unexpected Customs and Laws, and 20 Reasons for Stuck Doors, Gary McCammon
Random Pirates & Buccaneers, Dyson Logos
Traumatic Adolescent Background Generator, Samuel Kisko
Elves, Kesher
Random City Generator, Nicholas Kariya
Random Secret Door Clues, Adam Flynn
Monster Motivations, Conrad W. Deitrick
Multiversal Table: We Ended Up Where?, Michael David Jr.
The Crate in the Back of the Hold, and Customize Your Mutant, and Alchemist's Ale, David Coleman
Magic Weapon Table, Courtney Campbell
Curious Curative Corollary, BIU_sKrEEm
Falls Down A Pit, Lee Barber
Slum Encounters, and Weird Things In Rooms, Al

[Here were the rules]

Send your random tables via email with the header TABLES to: tombowings at gmail dot com!

Rules: Maximum 3 tables per entrant, OR 2 tables per entrant if either or both of them are ‘multiple tables’ tables (e.g. a connected set of dungeon or wilderness tables).

For some gamers, there is nothing – not even a good ruleset – that beats a good collection of random tables. So we’ve decided to run a contest to put one together!

By submitting your table, you give us permission to re-print that table in the upcoming Fight On! Big Book of Tables (or whatever we eventually decide to call it). You continue to own your own table and all rights to it other than our right to publish it in various iterations of that book and may re-use or re-publish it elsewhere as you see fit. Likewise, tables you have already published elsewhere may be submitted to this contest so long as you still have the rights to them to give to us to publish in this way.

We are looking for overall quality, game-usability, creativity, better mousetraps, and/or gonzo! Our Judges include S. John Ross, Jeff Rients, Tim Kask, Paul Czege, and Ian Burns, as well as Ignatius Umlaut of Fight On!

Prizes! (See the forums for the specific rolls/prizes won by the winners)

Grand Prize: 1 Roll on the Gold Table, 1 Roll on the Gems & Jewelry Table, 1 Roll on the Magic Items Table, a Trade Paperback Copy of Roll the Bones, and a set of Dwarven Metal Dice provided by DEI Games

Second Prize: 1 Roll on the Gold Table, 1 Roll on the Gems & Jewelry Table, and 1 Roll on the Magic Items Table

Third Prize: 1 Roll on each of any Two Different Tables Below (your pick)

First Honorable Mention: 1 Roll on the Gems and Jewelry Table or the Magic Table (your pick). All prizes except FHM guaranteed; we will use this category for entries that were extremely painful to exclude from the top three.

Honorable Mention: All honorable mentions and all prizewinners above will receive a free PDF copy of the Fight On! Big Book of Tables (when it comes out) and a free PDF of a randomly determined issue of Fight On! magazine! And we intend to give Honorable Mention to ALL submitted tables meant for eventual inclusion in the Big Book of Tables, so there will be a lot of these prizes to go around!

All product prizes below are provided by Fight On! and do not represent the endorsement of or cooperation with the authors, publishers, or manufacturers of said products, although we like them all and think they’re cool guys.